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About us

Academy of Family Physicians of India (AFPI) is an organization with a mission and vision to promote academic Family Medicine as well as clinical practice of this specialty in India.

AFPI Kerala chapter was conceived early in 2014 and the first official meeting was held on 16th October 2014 at Dreams hotel, Ernakulam hosted by the Departments of Family Medicine at Lakeshore and Lourdes hospitals in Ernakulam.

Family Medicine is an upcoming specialty in India, brought back into the mainstream of postgraduate specialties recently. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, has realized the importance and relevance of this specialty in improving healthcare in India. This paved the way for the introduction of DNB Family Medicine by the National Board of Examinations. In the recent years, the MCI has also recognized this specialty and the first M.D. Family Medicine course was started in Government Medical College, Calicut in 2012.

At present, Family Medicine as a specialty is facing many challenges especially due to lack of awareness among public and even among the medical fraternity. AFPI Kerala is committed to create awareness about this specialty amongst doctors and the public.

In Kerala, there are eight institutions conducting National Board’s DNB in Family Medicine course as of December 2014. It is a matter of pride that the first M.D. Family Medicine course was started in this State. Presently there are many tertiary and secondary care hospitals in the private sector in Kerala which have consultants in Family Medicine and the discipline is now becoming a chosen specialty for P.G. aspirants in Kerala.

As part of our mission to popularize the specialty and increase the reach among the public, we have been actively involved in both visual and newspaper media campaign. Important milestones that AFPI Kerala targets besides many others will be starting of M.D. Family Medicine courses in all medical colleges in Kerala and gaining Central and State Government recognition through creation of posts, designations and departments. Attempts towards building a strong network of Family Medicine practitioners and Family Medicine oriented clinics are also being pursued.

This website is part of AFPI Kerala’s initiative in interacting with the public and fraternity regarding health related policies and matters, thereby truly standing for family & community health improvement. We hope this website serves as a useful platform for FPs and public alike.'